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Bard shir

4.5 out of 5

Bard shir” maens to stones lion and are statues are made of stones that “Lor” nation and people has lived in north of “Khoozestan” has carved and put them top of graves of their tribal elder As a sign of courage, bravery and features such as artist in hunting and shooting in battle and skill in horsemanship. These stone lions has different to each others in ways of cutting and carving in details. Usually the size of the stone lions on graves depends on the place of dead person between people of that nation. The structure of these lion stone, end of Hand and foot the lions usually put on a rocky surface and Hand has designed in forward form like protective form. Swords and dagger the roles that are imprinted on them. “Bakhtiari” local is land of stone lions. The lion statues still seen in old Bakhtiari cemeteries. You can visit high number of this statues on graves in “Izeh” city. “ Kahbad yek “ village in this city has more than 50 stones lions in their historical cemeteries. The oldest statue is belongs to more than 500 years the past has been many ancient statue that in the wars or natural elements such as rain or wind cause to destroyed them. In Iranian arts, Always lion with the sun was as a symbol of Iranian national, which refers to stationary the power in the sun These statues shows part of Iranian culture and also you can see the lion element in another historical place during the different history period from “ Takhte Jamshid ” in “ Shiraz “ to tombstones of “ Khoozestan “. If you want to trip to Iran, “Khoozestan“ province has this talent for attract you to visit this province. You can visit many of Iran attractive places in this local of Iran such as amzing “Shoosh water structure” that certainly we will have a post in future about this main destination of Iran travel agencies