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Gheysareah Bazaar

4.5 out of 5

One of the interesting things between Iranian people is shopping so from past till today shopping center and Bazaar has been important place “Gheysreah Bazaar” is one these bazaars and is one of the famous handicrafts market is located in heart of “Isfahan” city. This market was the largest and most luxurious shopping mall in“Safavieah” era. Generally Isfahan Great Bazaar has many kilometers length which “ Gheysareah “ is part of this Bazaar. Every section selling Commodity relate to that section and also has many entrance. The entrance of Gheysareah Bazaar is located in north of “Imam” Square shows one of the most beautiful and most elegance of painting of “Safavieah” period and links ancient square to Imam square. This amazing entranve had three floors in the past that remain two floors. The name of third floor was “Nagharkhaneh” a place for declaration hours of day in music form. The archaism of bazaar is belongs to more than 450 years ago.on top of entrance are few paintings that one of the is fight between two men with dragon and lion bodies. This painting is very eye-catching and also hormoz bell and The clock in the portuetes castle Hormoz Island has installed there.if you want to trip to Iran fit this place in your plan. The architecture cause to change to one of main Iran attractive places for Iran travel agencies . Along the Bazaar, indoor and covered that some foreigners tourists called “indoor galleries”. On either side of the entrance there are two broad platforms that goldsmiths and jewelers stalls were spread on it in the old days and you can observe amazing painting on wall about war between first Abas king and “Ozbakan”.dont miss this place because I described this bazaar such as drop between ocean and you should to come here and visit by your eyes