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The last day of ITB 2017

4.5 out of 5

Today 8 march 2012 is last day of ITB Exhibition and in the end of today this big travel tourism exhibition will end to its carrier. Visit is free for public today. You can introduce with different culture from all of the worlds and meet different manners that you have not seen till now. Iran has officially participated in the exhibition since 2006. This year about 35 Iran travel agencies introduced Iran attractive places that can to help most attract tourists to Iran.Iran is land full of historical and natural viws. We can called Iran as new main destination for tourists, we expect Due to the insecurity in the middle east countries, We have to observe increase of Iran’s share tourism and travel world. Gapatour (Samaneh Gardeshgarye Parsian) with more than twenty years has designed many Packages for whomever want to trip to Iran.These packages is contain of nine historical and culture package, three ladies packages, Three exciting and Nomad package, A business packages for whomever want to trip to Iran for business, a healthcare package and four religion and nature package. These packages has designed for different tastes. If you want, we can will hold private tours special for you.The thing that I should to say in Parenthesis is all services will done such as booking hotel, Rent car, Insurance, tour city and every thing that related to travel and tourism. All services of Gapa tour is contain Quality and prices Guarantee.Any way exhibition is Finishing up, we hope see you as soon as that we expect The last thing that I must to say in inscription of our today’s post that relate to The Frankfurt airline doll in our booth.