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Amazing Radkan Tower

4.5 out of 5

Today post is about one of Iran attractive places where is destination for Astronomy enthusiasts and also for Iran travel agencies. Many of people in the world trip to Iran annual for visit closely.The height of tower is 35 meters, its internal diameter 14 meters and outer diameter is 20 meters and its appearance is twelve-sided shape and has a conical dome and Construction of the “Radkan” estimated about in 600 A.D by Germanian Historian “Max van Berchem” and mentioned in 680 A.D by “Andy Herzfeld”.” Herzfeld” believes to this tower is tomb of monglian ruler.This tower is located beyond “Toos” plain and “Radkan” in “Razavi Khorasan” province and has another counterpart duplicate in “Gorgan” Province and it is famous as ”West Radkan” and another historians believe to there is tomb of a woman or “Motio shams” thought there is one of the Iran attractive places where belong to “Deylamian” era. The amazing point of this tower is reason of its built. Main application of this tower has been for The function of the calendar and astronomy. In fact there is first place in the world for study and researches on stars.“Radkan” towers has been, Was only determines for seasons, years, Nowruz ( Nowruz is formal and main ceremony in Persian language such as Iran, Afghanestan, Tajikestan and part of India and …. Its begins from first day of spring and keep on till after thirteen days) in the world, In their heyday. “Radkan” is only tower as the ability to determine the four seasons, a leap year and the beginning of the New Year’s. this wonderful monument belongs to mathematician, astronomer and great scientist “ Khajeh nasieodine toosi”.Tower divided to 12 outer brick wall, 30 degrees, 12 section. Each wall covers 30 degrees angle from the horizon. Choose the place of windows and doors of the tower is not accidental. Doors was built in the zone“yadldaee”dawn (winter) and the beginning of summer sunset. “Radkan” has many feauters and is pride source for Iranian