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amazing “Toorang” hills

4.5 out of 5

Iran has many historicall hills. These Iran attractive places has speared in all parts of Iran and sometimes the passengers and tourists trip to Iran just for visiting these amazing hills. “Toorang” hills is one of the oldest hills in Iran and is located in 17 K.M from north of “Gorgan” city in “Golestan” province and has global reputation and have attracted the attention of many of the world’s Archaeologists. Small mudy sculptures with the role of men and women in the hills, are likeness to Objects discovered on the “kert” island belong to The second millennium BC. These complex is contain several hills where biggest of them has 5/34 height from plain level. The first excavation spring of 1940 A.D, Archaeologists have identified three floors.First floor : With 6 meters deep that remains of Iron Age’s cemetery. At the bottom is a village walls that The fire destroyed it And 45 graves were obtained. In the graves with the dead person, And objects of bronze ceramics bright red and dark gray and bronzian objects. Second floor : 6 to 8 meters in depth and didn’t found wonderful things.Third floor : In this floor, were found among the ashes and bricks, two graves Where there was dark gray pottery And decorating of it was done by a thing like shoulder.In each of these three categories were found red pottery with black motifs like the tiles “Shah tapeh”. If you use to one of Iran travel agencies you should to know information about Iran attractive places. You can touch with us for receive information Toorang hill