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Exciting of UNESCO evaluators of “Yazd” wonders

4.5 out of 5

As well as we all know “Yazd” as the one of the main world destination for tourists who interest in to trip to Iran and is a city that always is suggestion of Iran travel agencies.UNESCO evaluators noted the dynamism of the historical texture of Yazd said: “yazdian” people to protect the historical context acted as a team and also protected even have not forgotten in times of crisis. “Mariana Correa” traveled to “Yazd” to evaluate the historical context for the purpose of registration in the World Heritage List, added: this is For the fourth time that I traveled to Iran and enjoy the historical monuments of Iran and And it’s always impressed me the historical spiritual works. People of “Yazd” city are hospitable like parts of another countries. Not only on street, these people invite you to their houses, They are so Bounteous.She introduce Aqueduct (Ghanat) as the one of most beautiful places in “Yazd” and said : It was interesting to me to wear boots and go into “Ghanat” for see its originality firsthand and feel it. With enter to “Ghanat” I thought I walk into mysterious tunnel in 1000 Years ago like I travel back in time and It’s intuitive that should be universal value.She visited from “Dolat Abad” Garden and said about this Iran attractive place: I saw a unique architecture in “Dolat Abad” Garden that has survived for thousands of years and still continues endurance and its artwork of Iranian Architect. According to “Correa” believes , another interesting case where there is to be found nowhere else in the world is presence Zoroastrians with Muslim in one local without Nuisance and inconvenience to each other and this is a cultural attraction. many of Iran attractive places are located in “Yazd” city and you can keep in touch with us for receive Information about this historical city