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History of Nowruz ceremony

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History of Nowruz ceremony Today is first day of “Nowruz” ceremony and is formal ceremony for Iran, Afghanestan, Tajikestan and also is celebrated in parts of Kurdistan, Syria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, India (the Persians), Uzbekistan, Pakistan. In the first day of “Nowruz” people sit near “Haftsin” table. This table made of seven holy thing that all of these words begin with “s” that every one of them is a symbol of one of nature sign. People in this day wish happiness, health and best for together. In Iran people go to vacation for thirteen days and in these days clean their houses and go to visit their Families , Friends and acquaintances a give gift to each other and in last day of “Nowruz” is nature day. In this day people go Out of city and go to gardem, valley and plain and many of them growing tree in this day. This beautiful ceremony is best time for trip to Iran for visit Iran attractive places because its best time in terms of weather an climate and also you can observe closely this beautiful Several thousand years ceremony. The thing that I should to say in Parenthesis is these days is high season days for Iran travel agencies so if you want to trip to Iran in this days you should to reserve your tour as soon as hotels will full thread. The archaism of this ancient ceremony reaches to before the formation of the Iran and before “Achaemenid” era, But its name isn’t in “Avesta” (Avesta is name of Zoroastrian book which had Plummet many centuries before “Quran”) and had spread Three thousand years BC, in Central Asia and West Asia, the two ceremony. First was “creation ceremony” in autumn early and the “resurrection ceremony” in beginning spring. After many centuries both autumn and spring festival has become a number and is celebrated in first day of spring