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If You’re tired of urban lifestyle and you looking for silence place and Spend a few days with composure, our suggestion is trip to Iran and to live with “Ashayer” of Iran so stay tuned with our today post. The social composition of the population, consisting of three distinct communities, urban, rural and nomadic. tribal territory consisting of a large part of the western, southeastern and north of the country. The area of ​​this land is 936 thousand square kilometers, that’s mean about 59% of the Iran’s area.“Ashayer” are people who who belong to nomadic tribal. The lifestyle of these people is different with urban and also rural life style. Generally run their living from livestock. In the past ancient tribes have a major role in the determining Governments. Nomadic was almost the main forces of Iran’s war. In fact nomadic is most oldest way of human’s lifestyle. It remains till the nowadays, This is the biggest attractions of livelihood. This people have attempt to have preserved their ancient maintain traditions andcustoms over the centuries and years-long. This authenticity has become a magnet for tourism industry. Tribal houses and their lives, language and music, local cuisine, HandiCrafts, dance and costumes, The wedding ceremonies and local celebrations are most important factors to attract tourists.The boldest element of nomadic lifestyle is unlike to urban and rural lifestyle that they select a place for life, the nomadic people always in Migrate. Their houses Made of goat hair which in summer cause to cooling air and in winter makes hot air and in Persian said “Siah Chador” (black pavilion).Living under this pavilion and observe closely simple life these hospitableAnd kind people make you felling Vitality. Living with this beautiful people can Learn you lots of things.If you interested to historical places too, You should to nominate agency from Iran travel agencies and want to hold Compounding tour. Therefore you additional to visit Iran attractive places, you can experience some nomed days life.