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Tabriz Bazaar

4.5 out of 5

If you interested in Trip to Iran, you should to know more information about Iran attractive places. One of these places that has a special place beyond Iranian people is shopping therefore historical Bazaar is bold place and always one of places that has concerned by tourists and historians. “ Tabriz Bazaar “ with 10000 square meters is one of the biggest roofed Bazaar in Iran and Asia continent is located in west north of Iran. This Bazaar has many narrows, “ Timcheh “, “ Karvansara “ (Inns ) and … . This historical Bazaar because located Tabriz city at the crossroad of silk road and passing thousand Inns per days had nice thrive. The archaism of Bazaar is more than 500 years ago and belongs to “ Zandiyeh “ era. This bazaar 8 years ago has registered in UNESCO’s World Heritage List as the first Bazaar in world. The part of bazaar destroyed in earthquake of three centuries ago which after that Skilled architects have refurbished it. This Bazaar from the East to Aliqapoo (set palace prince consort), From the West limited to the mosque and in the north of bazaar, ”mehranrood” river is located. The specifics of architecture are articles and beautiful arches, Interlocking brick structures, the locating and positions of Shops, Plurality “Timcheh” A large number of schools and mosques in envrionment of Commerce cells, cause to change to this bazaar as one of the most known Iran atrractive places for Iran travel agencies. Tabriz Bazaar is an excellent example of Islamic and Eastern business. Tabriz Bazaar network as the heart of the city and the has a major role in rural context. The last point that I want to describe is famous visitors of this bazaar that all of them Have praised of the glory and greatness of Tabriz Bazaar, visitors such as : Marco Polo, Jakson, Drouville Gaspard, Jean-Baptiste Eugène Napoléon Flandin, Jean Chardin, ibne battute and … Touch with us for know perfect information about this city and this Iran attractive place