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View historical monuments Louvre in Iranbn

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After singing between Iran travel operators and agent of Louvre France, Deputy Cultural and history of Iran promised to holding Louvre monument In future. They singed agreement for trading tourism and historical information cause to increase trip to Iran and France and introduce Iran attractive places to France travel operators.In April this year, Jean-Luc Martinez, director of the Louvre in France came to Iran And the signing of a agreement with National Museum for holding exhibition and a joint press conference and also visited to Iran attractive places. According of this agreement, An exhibition of the works of the Louvre to will be hold in Iran. before this agreement the Iran national museum held two separate musume “ Safavieh works “ museum in Louvre museum on 2007 and “ Achaemenid Empire “ on 2007 too after many month than first exhibition. The Louvre museum want to Bring ancient things from different historical periods to Iran. This is one of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Museum of Iran The Louvre was signed. The time of holding and another details is not clear but probably this exhibition will hold in last months of year. Deputy Cultural and history of Iran said : Authorities Louvre showed us many number of objects for hold in Iran exhibition and then we nominated many of them for this subject. He kept on : we havnt any problem for objects insurance because Louvre museum accepted for insurance these valuable objects and agreed to produce of this coasts. M.R “ talebian “ siad: Previously, it was supposed that a major exhibition of the works of Mexican history to be held in Iran but they didt accept for insurance their objects so we gave up.if we have not insurance problems of historical works for how works Foreign countries, They are eagerly exhibition held in Iran. If you want to trip to Iran and use to Iran Travel agencies, Can want to them for visit this objects during your staying in Iran