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iran historical caves

4.5 out of 5

Iran has many historical caves where many of these Iran attractive places is located in west of Iran and every year many tourists Trip to Iran for visit these amazing caves. Ancient “Mirmelas” cave is located in”Sarsakhin” mountains 18 K.M from North of “Koohdasht” city, In “Lorestan” province. “Mir Malas” cave paintings and paintings is one of the most valuable ancient caves in the country. “MirMelas” Cave is the first cave that archaeologists have found colorful paintings on its walls. the value of petroglyphs is with rows of images “vulture” cave in Lascaux mounatains in France.paintings and the images remains on the North and South wall of cave which More scenes shows War, Hunting human and animals. Motifs consist of of animals such as deer, cows, dogs, foxes and especially horses, Mounted shooting, Hunt, Threads combat with red and black on the walls of the cave. face size on Rock paintings “MirMelas” are between 10 to 30 C.M And often with the roles animals for profile form. Paintings on the cave is lack of any protective covers. The cave entrance is blocked due to the loss of the upper classes and floors. The entrance of cane because of Loss upper floors. For reach to inner cave space you have to pass beyond many beautiful Oak trees on high steep. This cave is sign of ancient archaism in this local of Iran. This land is full of natural views and also many historical places for visit.Another ancient historical cave in this area is “ Yafteh” cave with 40000 years beautiful painting on its wall where change to one of the main destination for Iran travel agencies and we will have post about this Iran attractive place in near future