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borje kabootar”( Pigeon Tower)

4.5 out of 5

If you want to trip to Iran you should to receive more information about one of the main tourism Iran cites,“Yazd” is wonderful land. This city is located beyond desert, In heart of Iran. “Yazd” with amazing historical monuments is one of beloved cites for tourists and also for Iran travel agencies. Many of Iran attractive places are located in this city that I have described many of these beautiful historical placesToday’s post is about “Kabootar khaneh” or “borje kabootar”( Pigeon Tower).In the past till now has built structure where is place for Implantation of birds, especially doves and pigeon in the Middle East and Europe. Iran has many “Pigeon Tower” in different Iran cites where archaism of many of them reaches to 1200 years ago. About three thousand “Pigeon Tower” has been in environment of “Isfahan”.The “pigeon tower” that we want to describe is “ Meybod Pigeon Tower”. This monument belongs to more than 250 years ago and reaches to “Qajar” era.The cylindrical tower is built and decorated with brick and plaster “Qtarbndy” ( one of the style of architecture ) that is impeding to enter snakes into the tower. Accuracy in the implementation of the towers dove to the extent that brought possibility the wrong entry pesky birds reaches to percentage to zero.Kennels of towers are so beautiful and orderly with a shape model was made of thatch materials. Input hole diameter has built so that Only pigeons are able to enter and Aggressive birds were not able to enter into Tower. One of the main usage of built these structure is Animal waste to produce fertilizers animal. The architecture of these structure is so eye-catching and shows off Science and art of predecessors.