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Amazing “Mahi koor” Cave

4.5 out of 5

Today’s post is about one of the Iran attractive places where is a beloved place for Eco tourists so if you want to Trip to Iran or you are interested to visit Iran stay tuned with us Amazing “Mahi koor” ( Blind fish )is name of cave near of “ Papi Village ” in “Lorestan” Province, In west of Iran. The only cave national natural monument Lorestan province. It was registered in 2005 A.D as a national natural monument. Cave has Two rare and unique examples of blind fishes. This fish lacks vision and is completely blind because they live in underground water and in dark caves, are known as “Blind fish”. Water temperature is variable between 5 to 28 °C. The mouth of the cave is connected to the groundwater level so “Blind fishes “ can comes to surface lavel water. The fishes can be seen only near the surface of the Earth hot days. Two types of fishes are1-Iranian blind cave fish carp with The scientific name «Iranocypris typhlops» and has 4-5 C.M length. Has two pairs of whiskers, A pair is upper lip and another pair is corner of mouth and has pink color 2- Dog blind cave fish, With The scientific name «Paracobitis smithi», Is subset dog ​​fish brook family and has three pairs mustache, The second pair has grown very well and reaches to the end of the third pair. The average body have been reported about length of 45 mm “Mahikoor” Cave, also accessible by road and by rail.If you interested to visit this place, you can visit another natural views of this beautiful province. “ Lorestan “ province has many beautiful, its famous as “Waterfall” land and also has many visitable historical places. If you trip to Iran bay Iran travel agencies, you should to fit visit this province on your plan.