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Salt men Corpses/part one

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Today’s post is about exciting Discoveries that cause to attract world press networks for long time and also increase trip to Iran for visiting these amazing discoveries and also cause to fit places of saving these discoveries for Iran travel agencies as main destination About 24 years ago (winter 1993)six ancient corpse discovered in “Chahr abad”salt nine in”Zanjan” province that after short time they become famous as “salt men”.”Chehr Abad” salt mine at an elevation of 1,350 meters above sea level in 75 K.M West of the city and is located one kilometer south of the “Hamzehlu” village. “Chehr Abad” salt mine because of the salty environment is the only archaeological site in Iran that can The organic matter is well maintained and kept healthy. These corpses consisit of a woman, a teenage boy and two mature men. The mine ceased operation in 200 because of Stoppage hurt to corpses Officials decided Remained sixth corpes because of lack Facilities for Keep corpse in adaptable condition.The first Survey and scrutiny on one of human remains, shows The remains belong to a middle-aged man with average height 180 C.M, had been killed during the falling walls and roof of the tunnel. Among the objects found with Salt Man can point to piece basket, wooden pegs, ropes, plant, textiles and etc. An accidental discovery of “salt man 2” and set of his objects, cause to resumption of archaeological was researched in “Chehr Abad” salt mine after 11 years. Remnants of “Salt Man 3” like “salt man 2” a man was discovered accidently by miners in 2002 A.D. “Salt Man 4” is the healthiest and most complete mummies from the “Chehr abad” mine. Despite the injury in death time, of almost all parts of the body remains healthy, Which contains a collection of bones and soft tissues which The effect of dehydration is completely dry. According to Researches This natural mummy, was a young boy who died when he had about 16 years old. Main specific in this natural mummy, full dressed that he was wearing. The archaism of these men is belong to 1700 years ago(last of Ashkanian era- first Sassanid era). Head and left foot salt man number 1 in the ancient Tehran Museum of Iran in the corner of “30-tir” street. And other bodies and objects saving in “Zanjan Archaeology Museum”. Both of museums are beloved Iran attractive places. We will talk in future post about two remain “saltemen”