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salt men Corpses/part two

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we want to describe continues of yesterday post that fortunately . our target to describe Iran attractive places is introducing Iran as the main tourists destination that cause to increase trip to Iran , This cause to introducing Pure Iranian culture to others (not what the say daily press networks about Iran) and we hope to Iran reaches to position that Our country with more than 3000 years civilization that deserve it. And this regard we are proud to help to tourists to advise and consultation about every kind trip to Iran (business, healthcare, Historicality and …). if you Interested to trip to Iran, keep in touch with us for any Iran’s information. Our yesterday post was about “salt men” and we described about first four discovered “Salt men”. Number five “Salt man” found in The second chapter explores While excluding the haed, Rest of the body was found under rocks and great collapse rocks. The form of corpse show us killed and buried number 5“saltman” dead like other “saltmen” because Of an incident that destruction and loss of the tunnel. Unlike salt mummies (4), More tissue was gone rotten and has destroyed and soft tissue had remained Only small parts of the hands, feet, parts of the face, chest and pelvis. The main reason for man to much spoil number 5 “salt man” are1- Low levels of salt in this environment2- Water penetration from the top of the mountain to this mine’s section For find the archaism of “Saltmen” Carbon-14 Experiment method done on samples of bones and tissues. The archaism of his reaches to 3250 years ago and in death time had about 37 years old and his height is 175 cm. Sixth “Salt Man” in June 2008 was found by the rains which wash the salt, near the site of the discovery of salt menNumber 2. This “saltman” is saving in The known mansion “zolfaghari” in good condition and kept under the supervision of experts(this museum is one of destination for Iran travel agencies, we will have a post about this mansion in future post.)