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Daughter castle

4.5 out of 5

Perhaps one of the most amazing castle of architecture in one of the country’s highlands and in impassable road and has built in ancient times Is “ghale dokhtar”(daughtercastle). The the greatness of construction and philosophy in that’s built, In this area is so interesting that we can introduce this place as the Iran attractive place. During the history has many different use from this castle such as military castle, Defense castle and temple. this castle has built on the high mount.On three sides East, West and South is surrounded by numerous rocks. This castle is visitable on “Saveh-Hamedan” road and in all of “Saveh” valley and two rivers has floated in two side of castle that one of them is seasonal. The castle has made up of two main parts, palace and defense fortress. Palace has about 3000 meters. Several holes built around the main palace for water storage and Broken pipes and pottery that have been found in this castle Which is an indicator for use of sewage water network. Daughter building castle completely dominates the plain of “Saveh” and Has four observation towers on the north side, east and west which Among the rocks to the top has been working with stone and mortar. Archaeological research showsThis castle have been temple for worship and respect for water and “Anahita” goddess of nature in pre-Islamic and pre-drying of “Saveh” Lake in Sassanian period. It may be concluded that, usually, “Castle Girl” around Iran’s pre-Islamic periods, and to worship goddess Venus( Nahid ) or (Anahita) Venus the goddess of water protection was considered, would have been built.This castle is less known place for Iran travel agencies and also lover of trip to Iran that have this talent to attract whom ever that interested in trip to Iran.