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“ Agha mohammad khane Qajar” palace

4.5 out of 5

Many of tourists knows Iran as a country full of elegance palaces. If you trip to Iran, you visit many elegance palaces in capital and also many of them is located out of Tehran. Sometimes This Iran attractive places is cause to motivate tourist for visit Iran and Iran travel agencies fit visit these palaces on their plan. “ Agha mohammad khane Qajar” is one of the these palaces and is located in north of Iran, in “ Gorgan “ city , before “ Bastam “ entrance. This palace has two main floor. Many of historians believes to owner of this palace was the Mazandaran King but many of the believes to this beautiful palace is belongs to “ Agha mohammad khane Qajar ”, first Qajar king and founder of Qajar Government. The architecture of palace is like to architecture of “ Darolhokoomeh astarbad”. The main architecture specifics area rectangular plan, two wooden columns with decoration in head up in north side, tight and russet pillar. The archaism of palace is belongs to less than 300 years ago.The sections of palace are“Darolemare”, “Darolhokoomeh”, “Emarate kolah farangi abas hani” and “ Salsian khani”Artillery was near the palace that destroyed in first “ Pahlavi “ era. At the first the façade of palace has made by brick and plaster that during the history has changed. And also you can enjoy the visit beautiful molding and decorations and also painted tiles. Please follow us on social medias Share this: