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Italian archaeologists trip to archaeologists paradise

4.5 out of 5

Italian archaeologists have traveled to restore “Khajeh Mountain” castles in Sistan and prepare Laser Mapping and archaeological studies. This Iran attractive place that we had post in the past is located in east south of Iran and is one of the reasons for trip to Iran. “ Khajeh ” Mountain or “Oshida” Mountain or “ Rostam ” Mount is only natural complications in “Sistan” plain in “ Zabul ”and is located 30 kilometers south “Ghribshahr” city. This area is full of Iran attractive places that is famous as “archaeologists Paradise” and is a new destination for Iran travel agencies. Several archaeological monuments, historical and cultural structures, including the amazing “city burned” and ”Gholaman” mouth with more than five thousand years, Palaces and castles of “Khajeh” mount. “Karkoyeh” fire temple and its environment historical hills and exist of more than sixty historical places which has caused this place to be as a beloved place for historians and also for tourists. Italian cultural and historical Consultant said : starting the activities of the “ Izomeo” Archaeology Italian Institute has been in three cities in Iran since 1959 : “Isfahan”, “Shiraz” and “Sistan”. According to ISNA,”Carlo Cherti” Professor at”Sistan retrospect, step into the future” conference said: Our officials activity has been “Khajeh” mount in “Sistan” and then at the “Gholaman” mouth drilling and exploration will done. The General manger of historical places of “sistan” province said to IRNA ( Iran Formal press ): A three-member team of the Research Center of Italy consists of 2 archaeologist and an expert Laser Mapping of “Khajeh Mountain” are in “Sistan” historical site for a week in this area.This is the Perfect Italian Team of laser mapping and studies for the restoration of ancient castles “Khajeh Mountain” began its activities in this area.