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“ Hasht behesht” palace

4.5 out of 5

“ Hasht behesht” palace We talked so much about Iran palaces. Many of tourist known Iran as well as countries of places. “ Hasht behesht” palace (eight paradise) is one Iran attractive places where is located in “Isfahan” city and we will talk certainly about another historical places of “ Isfahan “ city. This place is one of last place of “Safavieh” kings habitance. This beautiful place has about 400 years archaism. Decorating the House of “ Hasht behesh ” shows spirit that marks the end of “ Safavieah “ architecture and decoration of the building where the garden is located after many years get monk so much. The building is octagonal and with all similarities, No one like else. The building is located two meters above ground level. The mansion has two floors and stairs are designed that way, passing is possible in any side. The rooms in first floor in the four corners of the building has beautiful painted decorations . on the second floor space is full of porch and rooms with doors and windows are inlaid. In the middle of hall the is a amazing marble octagonal pond, known as the Pearl dock. The pool is carved so that water will leak from the spinnerets like pearls.Decorating of mansion in the “ Safavieah ” era was so magnificent and artistically travelers to admire it This palace is one of the beloved places for tourists and is one of our suggestion for whomever interested in trip to Iran. Luxury and beauty of the park around the palace has built that now is one of the famous places for Iran travel agencies. Please follow us on social medias