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“ Chahkooh “ canyon

4.5 out of 5

“Gheshm” is known island in Iran south, in heart of Persian gulf. This Island because of its position has important role for Iran tourism and also has been is destination for whomever interested to trip to Iran and is suggestion of Iran travel agencies. This island has eye-catching views and is best place for whomever look for inner peace. Many of Iran attractive places are located in “ Gheshm “ island. One of these natural Iran attractive places is “ Chahkooh “ canyon and is one of seven wonderful places of Island. “Chahkooh” is located from 70 K.M From Gheshm city. Has about 100 meters depth and shows eroded sedimentary rocks. This mountains has many amazing digs and in this term is very Imposed.“chahKooh” is valley of statues with unsurpassed And covered with hundreds of holes and bowls on public body. These holes and digs have created by natural paramateres such as wind, Rain, sun and another natural agents. This island area has ancient story. The main reason of naming this place are three water well that has ancient archaism and its not so clear the time of carving these water wells. Because according to warm and dry the area, The Fresh water stored has highly valued. The wells are rainwater storage. This geological phenomenon are in Germany, Britain, China, America and some other countries. The rocks and stones of “Chahkooh” consist of lime or calcium bicarbonate that Acid rain dissolves them and cause to Cracks and small holes in them. These holes get bigger over million years. Tourists who come to “ Gheshm” for visit usually are different from another passengers. They are researchers or natural lovers.You can keep in touch for any information