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“Nasir ol Molk” Mosque

4.5 out of 5

Mosques are one of the Iran attractive places. You can observe these structure any where and are one of the reasons that many of historians and tourists interested to trip to Iran. Iran has many historical mosques that the archaism of them reaches to more than 800 years ago. “Nasir ol Molk” Mosque, is one of the oldest Shiraz mosques. “Shiraz“ city is known name for tourists and is main destination for Iran travel agencies too because of locating many of Important world historical attractive place.“Nasir ol molk” mosque is located in “Gowd orian” Neighbourhood and is near “Shahe cheragh”. “Nasir ol Molk” Mosque has not historical background and it has built less than 150 years ago. The architecture of mosque is very eye-catching and get bold from another mosques in the worlds. The area of that is about 2890 meters and are of building is about 2216 meters square. “Nasir ol Molk” Mosque in term of tiling is most valuable Iran mosque. Another name of mosque is “ masjede surati”(pink mosque) because of exist many colorful mirrors on its built. We strongly suggest this place foe whomever looking for inner peace as well as when you sit down in mosque you can feel positive energy on your chakras. Additional of this subject you can visit from another historical placeas near this mosque and its important point which you can visit amazing historical places at least time. Mosque has a main entrance and two Subsidiary entrances ahead to alley. The main entrance has decorated with polychrome tiles in seven colors with amazing Rose and Lily flowers role and reliefs. Mosque has two “Shabestan”( pray hall), in the east and another one is located in West. On the north side of the mosque, there is amazing “Tagh nama”(Arch) called “ Taghe Morvarid” (Pearl Arch) that The whole roof, inside and outside of that are colorful tiling.