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Golden Eagle International trains enter to Iran recently.

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According to get bold and bolder trip to Iran and with increase Iran tourism, Compared to previous years and applying of Iran travel agencies, The fifth international luxury train called the Golden Eagle, arrived at the “Sarakhas” border. The fourth series of tourist trains Golden Eagle last year was imported from the same direction 30 November.” Sarakhs “ with more than 5 thousand square kilometers is located on the border of Iran and Turkmenistan. Luxury train “Golden Eagle” in two trips that last year brought more than 200 passengers and foreign tourists to Iran. Travelers to ride this train has been paid 9 thousand dollars to 25 thousand dollars. Luxury train “Golden Eagle Danube” has features such as five star hotel. Of course different parts of train is so various but you van compare best section of train with a five star hotel, so it train is fame as “ hotel on rail”The train, which has 27 crew personnel, four days after April this year, began its trip from Moscow and reaches to Iran. Golden Eagle train on the tour, had 47 passengers and have been from countries and different continents such as Europe, Asia and America. Golden Eagle train, Across from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and finally reached their destination Iran. This luxury train has arrived to “ Mashhad “city yesterday.the special wagons after arrive to Iran, keep its way by Iranian Locomotive. passengers according scheduled for visit the Iranian cities including Tehran, Kerman, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz for a week. Entering the train to country help to improve tourism targets and also help to introducing Iran attractive places to world society.