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new exploration in Historical “Sadegh “ hill

4.5 out of 5

Historical “Sadegh “ hill is located near “Shahre sukhteh” (burnt city) and its archaism is belongs to 3000-5000 years ago. Burnt city is one of the ancient places of Iran and many of historians trip to Iran for visit this place. There are few Iran travel agencies that take passengers to this place, this area as well as we talked on our posts is fame as “ Paradise of Historians” because of there are many of Iran attractive places and another point that I should say is also this area has beautiful natural views such “mart mountains”, “Lipar” lake and Dr.Shirazi Faculty of Archeology, University of “Sistan and Baluchestan” said about new exploration:“Sadegh” hill has oval form with dimensions of 200 by 150 meter area, is located 75 K.M from “Zabol”and 20 miles from west of burnt city. In the framework of international – university cooperation with China university, this new exploration is done. The most important finding of this year excavated the remains of a gray bowl, That gives us some interesting information about aspects of art, We can see in it an animated view! Things were delivered to the “Zahedan” museum, Available objects placed on public display at the Museum. This ancient and historic hill is located on the south side of the Burnt City and also Large quantities of plant and animal residues obtained from the hill that we van after research and study, we can realize about food diet of people. He added : More than 500 historic area have been identified around Burnt City. Search will continue in burnt city and “Sadegh” hill because this place has a lot talk to speak for all of the world.