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Jameh Mosque of Ardestan

4.5 out of 5

“ Ardestan “ is name of city in North of “Isfahan” province. Jameh Mosque (main and oldest mosque of city) of Ardestan is one of the oldest Mosques of Iran and is one of the Iran attractive places and recently its change to one of the beloved places for whomever interested in Trip to Iran. This Mosque is located in center of “Mahal” neighborhood. This mosque is First two floor mosque Islam history and second four porches of Islam World has built more than 700 years ago in “Saljoughi “ era. This mosque formerly was Fire temple that unfortunately destroyed by “ Halakoo khan “ one of the headed of Mongolia in attack to Iran.We can divide the history of mosque in three parts First era : in the first era its change to mosque between 1000-1100 years ago. (Domical form changed to Chamber form) Second era : after 200/300 years Chamber form changed to Belvedere mosque Third era : Mosque destroyed again about 700 Years ago and was built with four Porches in “Razi” Style (Razi is name of an Architecture type that has been used in the past) A point that can be interesting for tourists is places of environment of monument. This amazing structure has surrounded with Cistern on South, On the west and North by garden crossing and on the west by Public bathroom and historical “ Karvansara “ ( a place for passenger on the ways for rest foods and …. It is almost equal to nowadays word Hotel and another point that I should to say is “Karvansara” is important place in Iran History and many of them are important Iran Historical places and many of them are destination for Iran travel agencies ).Mosque has four Porches that has decorated with elegance paint and inscriptions and also eye-catching Archs.