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Gerdab sangi ( stones Whirlpool )

4.5 out of 5

“Khoramabad” is name of one the Iran historical cites that the sign obtained in caves near city shows inhabitance of humans in this area reaches to 40000 years ago. This beautiful city with kind people can motivate you easily to Trip to Iran. many of Iran attractive places are located in this city such as Military “ Falak ol Aflak “ castle where its have change to amazing museum, its change to new destination for Iran travel agencies.Our today post is about Stones Whirlpool in middle of city. This amazing water structure is belongs to “ Sasanid “ Period ( more than 1400 Years ago). “Gerdab Sangi” is located in old context of city near of “Takhti” Square. Monument has circle form and it have built around source with stones and Mortar and it have designed as well as can To regulate the water out of the fountain And then by channel transmit water to different parts of the “Shapoorkhast”ancient city.(Shapoorkhast is another name of “Khoramabad”).Whirlpool stone fountain almost has water in during all the year. It has 18 meter diameter, 256 meter environment, 3 meter width and 18 meter depth from above to down. Whirlpool stone building with a window to the dimensions of 90 × 160 to transfer water from the whirlpool of water to the distribution channel. Whirpool for centuries has prepared city drink water. Another point has occasion that I should say here is natural attractive placeas of this local. People known this city as “ Waterfalls city ”. this area is land of water rivers waterfalls. “Bishe” Waterfall as one of the most beautiful Iran waterfalls is located in south of “ Khoramabad” and also “Gahar” lake as more eye-catching lake in middle east and we will have post in future about this unique natural attractive place.