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K.L.M Airline come again to Iran

4.5 out of 5

(Koniklijke Luchtvaart Maatschapj) or K.L.M is part of k.L.M-Air france. The company before its incorporation into the airline Air France was the Dutch national airlines. In english this company known as ” royal Dutch KLM “. In fact this company is France – Netherlands, Under French law contract and Its main base is located near “ Charles de Gaulle “ Airport and is largest airline company in Europe. Air France-KLM is the main a member of Sky Team Alliance cartel. We can noted The other members of the cartel including Delta Airlines, Korean Air, Czech Airlines, Alitalia, Northwest Airlines, Aeroflot and Continental Airlines. Both Air France and KLM fly after the merger with its own sign symbol. KLM do to fly most unloaded and cheap flights between Asia, Europe and America. Anyway with The removal of sanctions passengers and whomever want to trip to Iran and also Iran travel agencies hope to clearance Barriers that cause to increase Iran Tourism and worthy introducing Iran attractive places.