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Hybrid from Iranian and Turk architecture in “Shafei” Mosque

4.5 out of 5

Religious buildings in every country have a special place for people. Islamic Iran is not an exception and has thousands of valuable religious monument. As well as we all know one of the main Iran attractive places are mosques. Iran has amazing mosque that you can find this style of architecture just in Iran. if you want to trip to Iran, certainly visit the mosques are on your travel plan. One of these wonderful mosque is “Shafei Mosque”( heal mosque). This place is first “Sunni” Mosque (Muslim in the world divide in two parts:”Sunni” and “Shea” that about 95 % of Iran people are “Shea” Muslim)of “ Kermanshah “. This mosque has not old archaism. This mosque reaches to “Bazaar” in one side and in another side reaches “Javanshir” square. If you want to trip to Iran and visit from this mosque you will excite certainly. The molding that has used in this mosque is really eye-catching and Out comparing rule has used perfectly in all section. The style of architecture which has used in arch is hybrid from “ Turk “ and “ Iranian “ architecture. This mosque has been place for prayers and different ceremonies. The another agent that cause to be fame place for Iran travel agencies is locating this mosque environment near Kermanshah Hotels like “ Azadegan Hotel”, “ Soroush Hotel” that both of them Provides good service.And also exist many perfect restaurants near this mosque.” Dande Kabab Kermanshahi” is one of the main Kermanshahian foods and if you come to this city. You should try this one. many of Iran attractive places that can motivate you to trip to Iran exist in this city and recently change this place as beloved place for Iran travel agencies.