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Samen city Underground

4.5 out of 5

One of Iran attractive places is Hidden underground “Samen” is located in east south of “Malyer” city in “Samen” Local. The city was discovered accidentally in 2005 A.D. Archaeologists believes to core of the city belonging to Before Parthian period that Throughout history it has been added to the area. The area of ​​this city is probably the first “Mehrdad” king (from 160 to 130 BC) its reached greatest extent and it has built for To perform rituals. The area of this city is about 3 Hectares. We have discovered about 25 rooms in the city in the area known as “Sarqla”. Because of the high humidity of the place still remains large part at the heart of the hidden gems. undiscovered generally sections are at a depth of 6 meters and this cause to difficult work for archaeologists. This space is the first time used to in order to perform certain religious rituals, probably Mithraism, based on the worship of “Mitra” Ancient god and god of the sun. According the evidence The religious ceremony was being conducted in secret underground. And some of the channels in this space probably was used victims of religious burials or religious elders. According to surveys has been used in three period timeFirst era : the reason of built reached to this era and used for Religious performance. Second era : in this period of thime most used from this place and change this place for most of people. Third era : in third period, used this place for burial important deadPersons. This era has continued from Arab attack till “Qajar” era. This place is less known for Iran travel agencies but historians know this place very well and many of whomever interested in trip to Iran are Historians and history lovers that know perfectly about Iran history.