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Renaissance village in Iran

4.5 out of 5

Amazing “Varkaneh” village is one of the unique Iran attractive places that recently change to known place for whomever interested in trip to Iran and also Iran travel agencies because of its amazing architecture . “Varkaneh” is name of village in “Hamedan” province. The beuty of villag is really eye-catching. Paved streets, Stone houses that together has gaven beauty to the village. Walnut and apricot gardens and towering trees village has doubled its grandeur. This village is located 20 K.M from east south of“ hamedam “ city. People know this village as Jeweled villages of “Hamedan”. Stone houses shine under the sun Lights with Nice manner of village people cause to be this village as beloved place for tourists. Stone texture of village staring eyes of travelers. This village is one of the six village that have confirmed in national inheritance.You can feel Rural Space in this village and if you boarded from city life and Looking for a place for relaxing and find inner peace our suggestion is “Varkane”. You will experience Nomed Life in Iranian Village with hospitable people who embrace you perfect gladly but the main reason of fame is stones texture. Rocks, stones, mud-brick are construction of conventional materials in buildings of the “Varkaneh” village. The archaism of village reaches to 4000 years ago and in this terms is one of the oldest village of area. The first and ancient Neighbourhood is “ Darbe Masjed”. If You Interested in Trip to Iran and You are fan of historical places “Hamedan” with Historical Capacity is one of the important cites in terms of tourism. This city additional of city around have many historical places. If you want to visit Iran attractive places from different era in one place, “ Hamedan “ is our choose and also if You want To visit all Iran attractive places Of “Hamedan” 3-4 days are enough.