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“ Tekeyeh Moaven olmolk ” Structure

4.5 out of 5

“ Tekeyeh Moaven olmolk ” is one of the glorious Iran attractive places that is located in west of Iran in “ Kermanshah “ city and in one of the oldest the Neighbourhood, in ancient context. This amazing structure have change to main destination for Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in trip to Iran. the archaism is belong to “Qajar” era.In the past it was used for rituals and religious ceremonies and disputes problems between tribal and ethnic. “ Tekeyeh Moaven olmolk ” has three entrances. If you enter to structure by west entrance, observe small courtyard with two floors which all walls has covered by beautiful tiles. Into the arch you can visit elegance tabelos in objects of Scenes from the funeral of a woman breast, Ima ges of Iran Kings and shows Solomon’s court. It is remarkable and exceptional rating is in tiling. According to experts Kermanshah Cultural Heritage Tile prominent and semi-prominent with beautiful designs and colors used in this Iran attractive place are entirely natural and unique in all of the world. Carved on the tile images included scenes of battles Mohammed prophet . Battles of Imam Ali, the events of Karbala, images of ancient monarchs including King “Achaemenid” and images of Persepolis which is unique in its kind in all of the world. This beautiful monument has three main section : 1_“Hoseyneah”: this part is located downer than main street that has designed with beautiful tiling. 2_“Zeynabeah”: the middle section or “Zeynabeah” is indoor courtyard that has surrounded by several Chambers. Upper Floor stands where the women were in mourning And the chambers of around has decorated with 18 paintings of scenes with beautiful tiles about tragedy of Karbala. 3_“Abasieah”: Abbasiya for large courtyard building in the eastern part of the building in the southern part and have been set up double porch with brick columns.