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Hormoz Red Beach

4.5 out of 5

Many people hear the name of nature reminds lush forests and countryside elevated fall, the few number of them think about another scenes of Nature. All beautiful natural views exist in Iran and in this term Iran is one of the riches countries in the world that every year many tourists visit Iran for its unique natural views. Iran is a country that ends water from the north and south, By the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea is separated from other countries. At the corner of the southern regions of our country, there is one of the unique examples of these beaches. This is one of Iran attractive places that has international fame and also is known place for Iran travel agencies too.“ Sahele Sorkh “ (Red beach) is one Iran attractive places that recently cause to increase Trip to Iran and specially trip to south of Iran. “Hormoz” is name of Island in south of Iran that because of its geography position has unique natural views and climate. This island because of its mineral soils has different colorful soil, specially Red shows of its eternal beauty to visitors. The section of island you can observe red beach. Red soil and waves sea Compound with together in this side and cause to make eye-catching scenes. Red soil of “Hormoz” has a high economic value Until a few years ago for use in various industries, paints, cosmetics, glass and ceramics, which were issued, But it is limited exports today, Because of the disappearance of the unique soils. 70% of soil island is made of Iron oxide. Hormuz as one of the world’s large mines Red soil that There are about 50 thousand tons of it Which can be extracted 2000 tons per year. For more information please keep in touch with us