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Dreamatic beautiful village, a reason for trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

ran is four Seasons and  each season has its beauty.  Additional to historical Iran attractive places,  has many natural  attractive places that if I want to describe these Iran attractive places , take time many years. Iran is main destination for nature lovers because of  its original natural views.Ae well as we all know Iran has three always green provinces that all of them are located in Iran north.Three of them limited in north by “Capian sea” (  “Caspian sea”  is biggest lake in the world that because of  its being too big, its called   sea and it has borders with”Russia”, “Azarbaijan Republic” , “Torkamnestan”, and “Gherghistan”..Our today post is about one of these Iran attractive places where is nominated tourism place for Iran travel agencies. This beautiful place is located in one of these three provinces. “Javaherdeh” ( Jewel Village)  is name of village near of “Ramsar” In “Mazandaran” Province. This city additional of historical place such as “Marco Castle” has many natural places. This village strongly suggestion for whomever tired from city life and looking a place for rest and find inner peace. This village is located in 27 K..M from “Ramsar”. In 2000 meters “Alborz mountains” height.The main job of People village areLivestock, Agriculture, Horticulture and their handicrafts are consist of Felting, pottery, blacksmith and coppersmith. This village has many natural views such as “Sorkh Tale”,”Vajak se berara”.“Lepasar” with its famous  therapeutic sources, “Samamos”, “shah Yahya  kiai” tomb. Streams upstream of the village with beautiful waterfalls, Large forest park in the valley that is floated along the “Safarood” river and finally
Carbonated mineral water of the river are parts of attraction places of this village. You can feel Pure Oxygen with your Lungs. If you want to trip to Iran, this village can ve your beloved place as your beloved natural place.Please follow us on social medias