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“ Amino dole “ Timcheh

4.5 out of 5

“ Amino dole “ Timchehor “ Karvansaraye amino dole” (Karvansara is equal to Hotel word nowadays is place that were made for rest, and another Accommodations for Convenience of passengers and Tim is equal to “Karvansara and Timche means to small Karvansara) is one of the destination for Iran travel agencies. The physical properties of “Timche” is Being covered of that. This spacifics cause to The supply of precious goods such as carpets, away from the wind and rain and sun damage and That is why the “Timche” or arcade space, was often more expensive than the in terms of economically and didn’t use for the supply of cheap goods there.Exactly in this period of time in “Qajar” era created various style architecture for Compound of “Timche” and “Karvasra” Like “amir” Sara and Timche in “Tabriz” city and “haj Reza” timche in “Ghazvin”. This beautiful monument is located in “Kashan” city. (kashan is a city in heart of Iran that many of Iran attractive places are located and many passengers who interested in trip to Iran nominate this city as their destination ) .this Timcheh is belongs to “Qajar” era. Due to the extraordinary arts and techniques that he used, is one of the most significant architectural monuments of Iran. Geometric roof with brick and tile decorating the in by Mogharnas ( Mogharnes is one of the Iranian architecture style) very nice and has packed in Iranian style. And by showing the exact geometry and eye-catching design, has created very interesting views and infinite beauty. This monument has two wooden entrances that can connect to main Kashan Bazaar. This “ Karvansara ” has a vast central space that has many cells in sorrounded in three floors: up down and level ground.