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“Neyshaboor” Turquoise, a reason for trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Turquoise is one of the first rocks were derived because of its attractive color. Its color depending on the amount of iron and copper in combination, from blue to green range.Turquoise stone is very complex and obsessive because it must be the right type of minerals in the right place for a very long period (millions of years). Egyptians called turquoise “living stones”. The oldest jewelry has made with this stone, are four necklaces That has found in the hands of queen of Egypt, archaism of that is reaches to 5500 years ago“Neyshaboor” Turquoise is one of the best Turquoises in the world. “Neyshaboor” is city on the east in “Khorasan” province and is second city in terms being big and is city that many of tourist who trip to Iran prefer to visit this city because of its ancient mine and its historical archaism. Turquoise with the chemical formula CuAl6 [(OH) 2 – PO4] 4.4H2O A rare and valuable minerals to spectrum colors cyan (blue-green) and is category from phosphate. The mineral is formed by the “Firooz tarash”( a person who work on Turquoise stones) And is used as the setting for rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry. “Neyshaboor” Turquoise mine is one of the Iran attractive places that could attract Iran travel agencies as the Iran east destination. This mine is one of the oldest mine in the world with archaism about 2000 years old and is located in “Neyshaboor” north west. Specimens of these beautiful Turquoises has kept in London museum and Tehran geology museum. Turquoise stones are divided into soil and rock quarry. Turquoise earthy colors and higher quality.” Shajari”, “Ajami” and “Chaghale” are nother types of Turquoise. You can prepare this fantastic tones as the Souvenir for your dears and also have valuable memorable from Iran.