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modern resort ski hotel for who want trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Hotel is one of the main parameter of tourism, and hotels play important roll in tourism industry and in trip to Iran and as possible as Iran travel agencies can, nominate best hotels for their passengers. We can divide Iran hotel types in three categories 1-usuall hotels 2-Old hotels such as “Dad” hotel in “Yazd”, “Abasi” Hotel in Isfahan that both of them are Iran attractive places and if you Trip to Iran and stay in central Iran Part , sure choose these hotels for stay and enjoy during stay on 3-Modern Hotels such as “Shemashak” hotel (Barin Hotel) One of the most modern and most interesting hotels in Tehran, Iran “Shemshak” hotel with its elegant design interior and exterior design has sparked comment of its visitors. This Hotel Has built near ”Shemshak” ski resort. This is second Iran ski hotel (after Tochal Desert)and also is One of the major contenders interesting mountain world Hotels. Hotel is located 1 K.M from resort ski and it has just 1 hour from Tehran nd its area about 10000 meter square and it was winner of 2012 architecture. You can observe nature elemans in design and its decorate. The point of this project is every product of process have to be free and flexible and can connect to environment of it and also in the process of rooms and designing inspiring indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic but instead of blocks of Snow use topographical layers Which get on horizontally on each other for a create dome outdoor form and after that in Intelligently way A metaphorical combination that use natural forms and Human Artificial form. Other point about Hotel designing is Prevention of blindly copy from native models or Imported style architecture. Any way if you want to trip to Iran and you want to know about hotel reservation and also receive information about Iran attractive places or Iran travel agencies that you haven’t information about that you can keep in touch with us