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Iran deserts, a reason for trio to Iran

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desert because of its strange nature and has its fans so our today post is about Iran deserts. First we describe desert in term of climate: desert is place where Its evaporation rate is more than significant. In term of soil and geology Evaporating and fine-grained sediments along with various minerals and salts such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, calcium, and the like, are most exposed. If you want to trip to Iran and desert is one of the your beloved place, our suggestion is stay tuned ith us for receive more information About a quarter of Iran area are dry and desert lands. These desert are between “Alborz” field mountains to “Khavari” mounatins. The most famous Iran desert are “Loot” plain and “kavir” plain with are more than 360000 K.M. we can divide Iran desert land in seven section 1- Charbeh Desert 2- Desert of cauliflower. 3- Desert polygon and plain desert 4- Flat desert, “Sirjan “ desert and the eastern part of the Great Desert 5- Relatively flat gray desert without boiling salt specified 6- By boiling salty egg-shaped gray desert, “Dasht-e Kavir” and “Loot” Desert 7- Desert dark with lots of holes similar to the footprint four finish, puff deserts and bread crust. Iran has a lot desert that Is outside the scope of this post and we just name most famous of them: “haj ali Gholi”, “se ghale”, “ yazd tapeh sheni”,”abarghoo desert”,”loot”, “Degh giv”, “Rig jen”, “Marnjab”,”Dehsalem Nahabndn”. The main point I should say is plant contexture and also animal contexture of each desert is so different from another one and each one has unique natural views and in this term Most versatile desert contexture.We will describe more in future post and we talk in seprate about Iran desrts so stay tuned us if you intersted in these Iran attractive places aor tou will want to trip to Iran individulity or by one of the Iran travel agencies