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traditional village, a reason for trip to Iran

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Nowadays people who live in city because of increase concern in City Life and Rupture of relationship between them, Looking for a place for access to their inner peace. If you are consist of upper paragraph, And You are interested in Trip to Iran and wanna receive more Information about Iran attractive places, should read Our Today post.“Abianeh” is name of beautiful village, is known destination for Iran travel agencies and special attention to It. Most of person who trip to Iran knows very well this village. This village is located in 40 K.M from “Natanz” city, in Amazing “Isfahan” province, in Domain of “Karkas” mountains.The village is one of the highest residential areas in Iran, its located 2222 meters from sea level.The point cause to change this place for Iran travel agencies and tourists is architecture native additional to its historical archaism. You can observe nacient elamans in their life styles. “Abyaneh” village on a hillside with views of the beautiful red mud, wooden lattice windows and white archs. “Abyaneh” people because of living in mountainous and remote from population centers and roads, have Lived in isolation for centuries, As a result have preserved their ancient many ethnic customs and traditions, including languages ​​and dialects. Traditional dress, still prevalent among them and keep stressing and show Prejudice.People are in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry, engaged with traditional methods. More women participate in economic affairs with men. Wheat, barley, potatoes and fruit, especially apples, plums, pears, apricots, almonds and walnut products in this village.This village has many historical places that most ancient is “Fire temple” Like other buildings located ten downhill. Another historical structure is ancient mosque with name of “Barzaleh” mosque that archaism of that reaches to 700 years ago. the another historical places that are fame, are three castles.any way if You will have plan for trip to Iran and you want to know more about Iran attractive places, keep in touch with us for reservation , tour planing or transfer and all action in terms of Iran tourism