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Amazing “Saint Stephanos”, a reason for trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

One of the Iran attractive places cause to increase trip to Iran are religious places and most of them are important Destination for Iran travel agencies such as “Anahita” temple, “Fire temple” in “Yazd” or Yazd “Amir Chakhmaq” and “Jame mosque” or “Vank” church in “Isfahan”.Generally we can divide religious places of Iran in three main section and another of them are subset of these Groups in order of their archaismFire temple: the archaism many of them reach to more than 2000 years agoMosques: as well as we all know Iran is wonderful lands. If you trip to Iran, you visit unique mosques with Iranian architecture with Elegance molding and Eye-catching Archs. If You followed our posts you introduced with these Iran attractive places. Church: After Promotion of christian religion in Iran, many amazing Castles were built in Iran has broadcasted from north to south and from east to west. Our today post is about one of these churches. “Saint Stephanos” is one of new wonderful tourism destination for Iran travel agencies and is located in 16 K.M from “Jolfa”in Iran west north. Name taken from the Stephanos name, the first Christian martyr. In most west countries already exists, numerous churches with the same of this name.The Presented of structure is belongs to more than 1100 years ago and in this term is one of the oldest churches in Iran and Middle east. This is second importance for Iranian Armenians after “Ghareh” Church. The entrance is located in west side and and this big door is made of wwod and metals.This church is made of various sections The main chapel” you can observe elegance painting and molding there such as Reliefs of the apostles and saints and angels Bell tower“Ojagh Danial” is main hall that has 6 meters wide and nearly 20 meters in length and itself has made of three parts1_ Auditorium2_ The baptism3_ Daniel stove We will have a post in near future about detail of this place