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trip to Iran with Gapa tour/ part two

4.5 out of 5

In related to the previous post, our today post is about fields works of “ Parsian travel Agency ” (Gapa tour). If you want to trip to Iran and wanna you are interested to receive information about Iran attractive places, read our post As well as we said we are Travel company and our activites are about incoming and outgoing and every another activites in branch of tourism and travel such as holding tours, reservation, transfer and … At the first I should introduce “ Gapa tour “work packages 1_historical and culture 2_ladies packages 3_ healthcare 4_ exciting , traditional & nomad 5_bussines package 6_religion & nature Our packages has designed for different taste, It does not matter You are interested to historical places, natural places or both of them. We have best packages for you and also if you are interested we will hold private tour specially for you. We talk Briefly about our historical packages yesterday. Refer to httpss:// In ladies package, we have designed this package, In accordance with the spirit of women consist of visit historical Bazaars, shopping, go to spa and message Salon, Daily Excursionsand tattoo by “Henna” that is Temporary tattoo and it will clear after three or four weeks. We have three ladies packages, you can visit our site for observe three different packages. As you may know Iran in medical industry is one of the best special in fields of Cosmetic and plastic Surgery (Without exaggeration we are best in the world in this branch ,Infertility, Heart Surgery and Organ Transplants.So we have designed healthcare package for comfort of dear patients. In this field we provided services such as Arranging all your Hospitalization Introducing best doctors and best surgeries teams Arrange your doctor visit Booking your operation Hotel reservation flight booking and And all other services you need for your self and your family during your stay, just let us do everything and you have full peace. A few Iran travel agencies are to provided these services but we have not we are best in our industry. If you want to trip to Iran you can keep in touch with us for get any information