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Trip to Iran for visit unique desert

4.5 out of 5

Iran has Amazing natural as same as its historical places. Many of tourist want to trip to Iran have heard about these Iran attractive places. These natural attractive places are destination of Iran travel agencies equal to historical places and its make pleasure feeling for us. Our today post is about one of the amazing desert in heart of Iran. these local are point of many tourist who interested in trip to Iran, specially for whomever that hasn’t any desert in their countries such as Europe people. “Rig jen” desert is name of desert in Heart of Iran, east to “Salt lake”, and in west of “Jandagh” and In south of “Semnan” . Rig elf, most amazing, most mysterious and the most frightening region of Iran, this desert has many Sand Dunes, and it has Salt marshes in around it and has area about 3800 K.M squares. There is no spring or well water in the area. Due to the large extent and no springs or wells, this desert isn’t, In the distant past, there were not Passageway Passengers. Only in recent years, several groups of researchers and tourists have gone to the area. Despite the prevailing wind from the West to the East has caused a hill to the east has a very steep slope and a lower slope in the Western.Local people believes, this desert is cursed land because a lot Unanswered and unexplained events happened in this area. They believe that the spirits of evil rule in this land of mysterious. This desert is known as Iranian triangle bermuda. The best road for access to this are is stones road of “Malek abad”. If you want to trip to Iran and you want to visit this area, should to don’t go alone and if you benefit from Iran travel agencies want to get leader. Please follow us on social medias