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Iran attractive places

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After yesterday post that was about desert, our today post is about green land that has many eye-catching views. If you love trip to Iran and you have not any information about Iran attractive places or you want to know about Accuracy of Iran travel agencies, you can keep in touch with us.“Janat Roodbar”(Paradise of Roodbar) is name of eye-catching place in north of Iran. this place is located in one of three eternal green provinces (Mazandran) and in “Ramsar” city. This place is one of the Iran attractive places that annual has thousands visitors. This beautiful village has many countryside such as “Akrasar”, “Cha”, “Namakdare”, “Izaki”, “jeyrud” has nice and suite climate. this places, strongly recommended for whomever want to place for finding inner peace and are Exhausted from Today’s busy life. This place has eternal green cover, and this place is one of our destination in our packages. Village has many beautiful waterfalls too and one of them is fame in contry.”Siasart” waterfall is one of Iran attractive places that is located in 35 K.M from “Ramsar” south “Mazandaran” has Traditional and delicious sweets and beautiful crafts.Tourists who travel to the lush province, certainly bring the products and souvenirs for themselves and their relatives.” Aghoznoon”, “Ab Dandoon”, “Komaj”, “Reshte be Reshte”, “Ghomaj” and “bernjak” are parts of traditional sweets. Artists of “Mazandaran” province works in the industry, carpet weaving, ceramics, carpet weaving, embroidery, dyeing and printing of traditional pottery, leather, wood carvings,linen blouses, mat weaving, doll making traditional design and painting, binding and cover traditional handy craft if you want to trip to Iran, you can keep in touch with us for receive any information about resrve best Hotels in Iran and know more about Iran attractive places