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trip to Iran for visit oldest creature of Tehran

4.5 out of 5

Plantain tree of “ Yahya “ shrine with archaism more than 900 years old in “ Odlajan “ neighborhood is oldest Tehran creature and is one of the Iran attractive places and many people whomever interested in trip to Iran has visited this place. This shrine is cozy away from the bustle of the busy Tehran and you can pray Devotional calmly here, a little nit was separated of thivking about nowadays thinking, smell the heavenly fragrance. Shrines as one of the Iran attractive places are destination for Iran travel agencies that is host of many passengers whomever interested in trip to Iran such as “ Imam Reza “ shrine in east of Iran or “ Hazrate Masoomeh “ shrine in “ Qom “, Center of Iran. Most of Iranian people care about these religious places and are one of the holiest places for “Shea Muslems “ ( Shea is one of the branches of Islam religion). The archaism of “ Yahya “ tomb reaches to 800 years ago and belongs to ” Kharazmshahian ” era. The area of building is about 1500 square meters. Tiled dome-shaped and Turquoise color and it was gone by the time that has been restored bout 50 years ago. As on the old monument in two small inscriptions have written in the third line, The old building has made at the time of the Mongols. The main building shrine had brick octagonal tower an twelve sided Pyramid shaped dome. About 45 years ago was built library, museum and Wall fence around privacy of shrine was added. 900-year-old Tehran is oldest living tree in the courtyard near the shrine of John ( Yahya )the Baptist with a diameter of seven meters. The past till now several were held ceremonies at the Shrine such as Charity event on Friday nights for the dead with a lantern and votive need and another wonderful ceremonies that can be intersting if you had not trip to Iran.