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Trip to Iran for visit Oroomanat

4.5 out of 5

Historical villages are parts of Iran attractive places that recently statistics show these villages are beloved place for whom ever want to trip to Iran such as “ Kandovan “ village in “Tabriz” that has unique architecture as well as just three village exist in the world such as “Kandovan” Architecture, “Kapadokiea” in turkey and another one is in United states. Our today post is about “Oroomanat Takhat” village in the west. This village is located in beautiful “Kordestan” province, in south wast of “Marivan” city where is fame because of its deramatic “Zarivar “ lake. The meaning of “Oroomonat” is “Fir5e Save me”! Based on semantics dates back to the era of Zoroaster (more than 2300 ) years ago, of course has translated in (sun place too). The other name of village is “ Hezar Masooleh “ because its architecture of houses is like too “ Masooleh “ village in the north of Iran. The yard of every house is roof of another house, but with more expansion.The village houses are generally made of stone. Apart from the special status of the architecture village, Position springs of water, Special ceremonies and customs, “ Pir shaliar “ Tomb are parts of attraction of village. The archaism of village is reaches to more than 2000 years old (Sasanid era). Hawrami dialect is one of the famous Kurdish dialects and is dialect language of village. The village is are covered with orchids, pomegranates, figs and berries. Another religious structure can named “ Abbdolahi ” mosque, “Avihang” and “ Koose Haninj”. The local handicrafts are consist of tissue extortionist (Shoemaker), hats, woolen cloth, beads, carpets and rugs, mat weaving, (wave, woolen cloth), Shalbaf and produced woolen fabrics, Shoemaker embroidery, joinery, woodwork, mosaic, pottery , felting, local jewelry, needlework, spool knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sequin and beaded, mat and basket-weave black tent, metalworking, building up musical instruments.If you want to know more about Iran attractive places or visa and another subjects about trip to Iran with Iran travel agencies, you can keep in touch with our experts.