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Trip to Iran for visit stars in desert

4.5 out of 5

“Yazd” province is place that additional to placed many Iran attractive places because of its desert is care about that whomever interested in trip to Iran and tourists who trip to Iran can visit historical place and amazing desert at least time that its important advantage. “Oghada” desert or “ siahhooh “ desert is located in north of “Yazd” province, into irregular troughs, adjacent “Ardestan” and “Zardin: desert. The environment of desert has covered by igneous rocks and and limestone. This desert because of its unique nature change to main destination for most of Iran travel agencies. Large alluvial developed. along the surface of the Southwest desert.In the southern part of the desert and bloated between land and salt marsh big swamp shows off. The most of surface of desert has been uneven surface plates and Are swollen state which most of desert lovers who trip to Iran for visit these amazing plates. This indicates the high salinity and high levels of underground water in the desert. Usually in this desert winds blow moderately severe. In this area fluctuating temperatures are high in summer and winter, and day and night. Desert is shaped like a crescent moon where im inner arch s” siah kooh”( black mout ) mout is located with height about 2050 meters. In Desert is not visible any vegetation. When we toward to land that decrease slightly salinity, you can observe Vegetation of Haloxylon, astragalus, wild spinach, cress, Ziziphora, spurge, cornflower, mountain anemones, acetone, lily of the desert, Melika, camelthorn.In the edge of area can find animals such as wolves, jackals, foxes normal, hyenas, Quebec, dull-yellow partridge, quail, desert eagles, wild pigeons, Eurasian collared dove, King Owl, greenfinch Hindi, tail Jnbank Hooded and Common Ash. Additional of these subjects you can visit from another Iran attractive places in this area. If you wnt to know about our travel agency or another Iran travel agencies, can email to us for receive any Information