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Fairy chimneys, a reason for Trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

“Doodkeshe jen” (Fairy chimneys), is name of natural places in “Zanjan” province. This place is bold from another Iran attractive places because of its amazing shape. In fact, the fairy chimneys towering column of compacted clay that because of long erosion has shaped to this wonderful form. On top of this column is flat boulder that That it is chimney looks like. In the past have called Fairy chimneys because in the past each structure the built of that was hard for humans, Atrributed to fairy and deveils. You can observe two phenemon like this in “ Mahneshan “ path.( Mahneshan is name of village near of this natural phenemon. Every year many tourists who parts of them are Geologist and geographer trip to Iran foe visit this attractive place. Ths place is not usual destination for Iran travel agencies and if you want to visit this place, you have to want them for hold tour in this place. After pass the (Fairy chimneys), we reach to The remnants of a massive fortress, the “Behestan“ castle or “Takhte do”. The external views of castle has built of separate chimneys and many interconnected chimneys. Holes in the bottom of the castle, cause to create wonderful mysterious appearance. The archaism of this fort reach to “ Sasaned” era (more than 1500 years ago) but has used it in “Islamic era” (about 700-800 years ago). The overall atmosphere has been divided of the castle into 3 categories of rooms, corridors and stairs. The fort has a zigzag steps in western and eastern sides. The steps of the northwest side of the castle is as one of the most intact “Behestan” fort. The upper classes used to defend and lower classes used to dwellers and storage people food.This province is full of attractive place as well as we choose this for our historical packages. If you like to trip to Iran, you can keeo in touch with us for receive any information about Iran attractive places and any subject that related to Iran tourism.