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decide of Russian senate cause to increase trip to Iran

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Law of travel to Russia without visa approbated for Iranian people Russia’s new rules has passed for visa-free travel to the Russia and about two weaks ago has realesed in formal press network. This is new that many of the Iran travel agencies Waiting for the adoption of the law. This subject can increase tow way transfer passengers between two countries, as well as we observed to tangible growth of statistic trip to Iran and finally cause to introduce Iran attractive places for whomever want to trip to Iran. according to this law Iranian and eighteen citizenship of different countries cause to introduce travel to Russia and also Improve tourism in Russia And more foreign investment. On Monday, the Russian government on its website, published a law that was passed in the Senate country and even Russian Prime Minister “ Dmitry Medvedev ” has Pointed in his speech. He added “ im sure this subject cause to increase travel and investment in Russia and finally comes Some revenue to country. The reason of nominate Iran and another eighteen countries is not being closely to us, its But because they both have a common goal in working with us. These countries are include Iran, Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, India, Qatar, China, North Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey and Japan. The thin that I should say is this law is consist of nine Asian states that include of about 36% this vast country.The only condition for this subject is registering in website of EmbassyWebsite. This new give hop to us will observe uptrend trip to Iran and also more cooperation between Iran travel agencies and Russia travel agents. The duration of this rule expired now but Whispers are heard to Reauthorization of this law. Please keep in touch with us for get any information about get Iran visa, reserve hotel, hold perfesional Iran tours and ….Please follow us on social medias.