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Trip to Iran for visit Jabalieh dome

4.5 out of 5

“kerman” city is one of ther centeral Iran cites with more than 50 historocal monuments with more than 40 registered consist of “amazing gardens”, “Ghanat” “historical monuments” and “fire temples”, “Bazaars”, “historical bathrooms”, “ historical hospital”, “ Fortes and castles”, ”domes”, ”mosques”, ”Museums”nad “ ancient schools” and …. Our today post is about one of domes in “kerman” cites that is one of the magnetfic places fro whomever interested in trip to Iran. In toward to East of “ Kerman” city, between two “Saheb Zaman” and “Seyed Hosein” Cemeteries, exist strange and big dome. The form of dome is OctagonalShaped. This structure is one of the valuablest Iran attractive places and is beloved place for Iran travel agencies and it is our suggestion for you if you want to trip to Iran. the other name of this dome is “Gabri” dome and its have built of stones. The width of base reaches to three Meters. In eight sides of dome, you can observe eight Entrances that Recently for solidify the foundation and prevent the destruction of those ports has been blocked with stones and has only one open. The thing that cause to become bold the structure from another structures is material in its built. This monument is only stones monument in “Kerman” city. The top of the dome is made of bricks. The archaism of structure is not exactly clear but what it is clear, its reaches to “ Sasanid” era at least 1500 years ago. Many of local people know this place as one of” Zoroaster Tombs and this place has been “fire tomb” for long period time. Monument has beautiful architecture with eye-catcjing moldings and decorate on walls The another intersting point about this structure is being crenelate of that because of using milk camel instead of water! Nowadays this place change to place for Maintenance of Historical things such as ancinet smallest has discovered in “Kerman” province and …For more information about Iran attractive places or receive information about Iran travel agencies please keep in touch with us