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Trip to Iran for visit wonderful Alamoot fort

4.5 out of 5

“ Alamoot” is name of one of the Iran attractive places place that is located in “ Ghazvin “ province that is made of two different parts. “East Alamoot” and “ West alamoot”. “East Alamoot” is located in “Alborz” mountain and another one is located in south of “north “ province. The reason that cause to be fame this place is known castles such as “Alamoot” and “Lambsar”. According to ancient references the old name of this place was “ Roodbar” that after “Hasan sabah” rebelist, changed to “ Alamoot”. The meaning of “ Alamoot “ is (Eagle’s Nest).“Alamoot” is one of the known Iran Castles and is destination of Iran travel agencies and because of exist beautiful natural views and historical place recently many of tourists that want to trip to Iran, willing to know more about this wonderful castle, so we decide to introduce this place for you dears. This ancient castle is located above high rock about 2163 meters up to sea level with area more than 20000 meters square. The color of rocks environment casle are beautiful red and gray that cause to create epic scene.Four side of Fort are horrible abyss and The only entrance to the castle in the northeastern part. This fort was center of activity of “Hossein Sabah” the founder of “Ismalian” government. Due to difficult geographical conditions access to fort was very hard and enemies cant easily achieve it. The local people call this fort “Ghale hasan”. Fort is made of two part :east and west section. East wall High Castle or large fortress built of stone and plaster. In the northwest of the fortress above two chambers are inscribed into the mountain rock. In first chamber you can observe small water hole, that if the water is completely drained it to do, the probe again and it is just one of the interesting point about this castle that can be interesting for whomever want to trip to Iran. stay tuned with us for more information in close future.