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Trip to Iran for visit biggest bathroom

4.5 out of 5

“Arak” is city that has about 250 years archaism. This city founded in “Qagar” era by “ Yosef khan Gorji ” hae built city during several years period And built in this city of all possibilities, including: “aqueducts”, “baths”, ” schools” ,” mosques”, “government organ” ,” market” and “Saqakhaneh”. Many of Iran attractive places that are destination for Iran travel agencies and also for whomever interested in Trip to Iran. At that time, the prosperity of the city, has increased migration to the cities.” Four season Arak Bathroom ”is one of Iran attractive places that many of tourists trip to Iran for observe closely this wonderful place. The area of this place is about 1600 meters squares and is biggest Bathroom of Iran, this place is belongs to “King Ahmad” era. This place is change to museum now and every day is host of thousands visitors. The reason of naming this place as “ Four season “ is unique and beautiful Paintings and engravings from four season that you can observe these amazing paints on each sides of Bathroom. And has doubled beauty of bathroom.Much of the decorations of polychrome tiles, mosaic tiles and Maqli tile up very artistically executed. And have beautiful designs of plants, animals, and humans adobe tiles, mold and fuse with plant motifs of Art, and for rotating Imam Hussein and geometric motifs. Designs include flowers and plants, ivy, buds, leaves and leaf motifs human and very beautiful, dressed as soldiers “Qajar era”. In this painting used more blue, yellow, cyan, green, red, orange and gray. The building of the entrance, incubated public and private, treasure, water, male and female and the vestibule between the oven composed Sarbineh.Stay tuned with us for more information about Iran attractive places or Iran travel agencies. please follow us on social medias