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Trip to Iran for visit ” Babak” Fort

4.5 out of 5

Babak” fort is one of the Iran attractive places where is located in north west of Iran. This military castle has epic aspect for Iran people and is placed above high rock in height of about 2300 meters in 3 K.M from “Klibr” city,( Remote and sleepy town in the midst of stretching, Great place, the freshness and greenness of Britain and beyond our understanding of the nature of the Iranian desert and dry), near of “Aras” river, belongs to “Sasanid era” about 1600 years ago but its name point to “ Great Babak Khoramdin” that boarded Leadership king in front of “Arab” attack before Islam promote perfectly in Iran. if you interested in Trip to Iran you should know Iran has many amazing Forts and castles such as “ Falakol Aflak” in “Khoramabad” or “Ghale rood khan” in north of Iran ,“Alamoot” in “Qazvin” and …. Iran is land of wondrees, and this is country that `before you die, you have to visit Iran and its better you benefit from perfect Iran travel agencies. Before you reach to main entrance, you must to across from Narrow corridor and has capacity for one person and two person must to pass corridor hardly. The towers are located in height of castle so had complete dominance to all environment. The towers, one circular and the other cone and cylinder are made of hewn stone with mortar. To penetrate the building must be passed through the gate. Fortress, was almost impossible preferred tool for sunflowers, catapults and flamethrowers to the fort. We can divide castle structure to two separate floors that after that a corridor exist with seven rooms in surronded of that. Of objects and tools that can be obtained from Babak fort are pottery e role and belongs to settlement period to the early seventh centuryIf you want to trip to Iran, you can keep in touch with us for any information about Iran tourism and also about best and boldest Iran attractive places